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Mermaid Vibes 🐚

The glitters used in this look are "Dragon Scales" and "Atlantic". Teal shadow is "Mad Hatter".

Misfit Beauty Co has beyond the best glitter products I’ve ever used. Truly one of my favorite brands that I have & will continue to purchase and use on a daily.
— Janet Fulkerson

Galaxy Boy ⭐️💕

Andrew used our single pressed glitters: Party in the Back, Stargazer and Moon River for this galaxy look!

I’ve been admiring @misfitbeautyco ever since the shop has opened, when I finally got my hands on the glitters, I fell in love! I couldn’t keep my hands off of them and I’ve used them just about every day since I got them. They’re my favorite glitters I’ve ever used and I’m so happy I tried them out, can’t wait to try more! (: I would 100% recommend them to anyone that wants affordable, nice glitters to use.
— Andrew Jacob

IG: @_karlabebe

Halo Eye 👼🏻

Karla created this pretty halo eye with our "Golden Sun" single pressed glitter!

Some of the best handmade products, and my favorite pressed glitters! These are hands down my favorite pressed glitters to use. I have created some amazing looks with these glitters because they are super easy to use and make your look 10x better! And they being vegan and cruelty free make them the perfect glitters to have in my makeup collection.
— Karla Gonzalez

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